Episode 64

Published on:

3rd Apr 2024

Stay at home dad with Lee Lintern

Lee is Becks’s ‘Boxing trainer’ - (well kind of 😉!) and a personal trainer (to real boxers!). He is also a stay-at-home dad looking after his little girl Beaux which started when she was 3 months old. 

We talked to Lee about: 

  • As a couple how Lee and his wife came to the decision that Lee would be the main carer and how he felt about it. 
  • The reaction from friends and family to Lee staying at home with his little one. 
  • How he and his wife prepared for parenthood (reading blogs, books, listening to podcasts (ours) and talking to other parents) and how important routine and consistency was for them. 
  • The importance of working together as a team, communicating about next steps and what might need to be changed etc. 
  • How Lee fills his weeks with Beaux doing groups, dancing, swimming, crafts and play. Fitting in at baby and toddler groups and what it feels like to often be the only dad there.  
  • How Lee feels really lucky to be able to spend this amount of time with his daughter. 
  • Being an only child – the worries Lee has about Beaux being one (Claire is one too so no need to worry 😉). 
  • Dads and daughters and the wonderful bond they can have! 
  • What Lee would say to other stay at home / solo dads. 

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