Episode 65

Published on:

17th Apr 2024

Donor Conception with Becky and Hayley from Paths to Parent Hub

We spoke to Hayley and Becky from Paths to Parent Hub. We first came across Paths to Parent Hub when we listened to their podcast following a recommendation from a friend. 

We started with Hayley and Becky sharing their own stories with us. Hayley is a donor conceived person herself and is also a parent of twins through sperm donation. Becky was diagnosed with early menopause at 28 – she and her husband did 5 rounds of IVF and then decided to use an egg donor to have her 3 children. Both Hayley and Becky shared their stories on the internet and found each other there. 

Becky created Paths to Parent Hub (a membership platform) during lockdown to support people in similar situations to themselves and it now has over 1000 members. 

We also talked about: 

  • When and how Hayley found out that she was a donor conceived person and the reasons she talks about her story now. 
  • Talking with donor conceived children about how they came to be and dealing with their questions, and those from family and friends. 
  • The laws around donor conception and the parallels with adoption. 
  •  The experience that Becky had abroad in finding an egg donor and how she feels now about having chosen to have an anonymous donor.  
  • Whether there is a limit on how many families one donor can produce and how this differs around the world. 
  • The reasons someone might want / need to use a donor.  
  • Hayley’s experience when finding her parent sperm donor. 
  • Terminology around donor conception.  
  • The information you get about a donor when choosing and how the matching works. 
  • What Hayley and Becky would say to people considering donor conception. 
  • About Paths to Parent Hub and the support, information and connection opportunities. 

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Paths to Parent Hub website 

All things donor conception  - Hayley’s website 

Paths to Parent Hub podcast 

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